Between 2015-2018 old friends John-Erik Jordan & Chaim Garcia co-created an original IP inspired by a mutual love of classic sci-fi, pulp adventure, cosmic horror, 80s movies and video games. Early on they dubbed their concept Golem & Odd after alter-egos dreamed up between games of D&D and Call of Cthulhu, and quickly the idea evolved into an original comic book.
The series would take place in an alternate post-war 1940s after a great cataclysm known as The Big Sink obliterates the surface world, depositing pockets of humanity far below the Earth's crust. In impossibly deep, incomprehensibly vast networks of subterranean tunnels teeming with strange lifeforms and remnants of unknown civilizations, an unexpected partnership forms between an overly-cautious, tough-as-nails, former tank co-mmander turned river boat captain and an eccentric super genius polymath inventor with a deeply rooted connection to fungus.
Sadly in 2019 progress on the series was halted by life and the pursuit of gainful employment leaving the many planned adventures of Golem & Odd floating peacefully in a state of suspended animation in fourth-dimensional space-time. 
We hope you enjoy what we managed to produce.
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